Frequently Asked Questions

Can motor vehicle registration be done online?

As long as you are located within our service area, the answer is yes. The RenewSticker service provides Jamaican motorists the facility to renew your motor vehicle registration sticker online. This is because we go to the tax office on your behalf and do the transaction. Simply place your order online and we'll do the "legwork" to get your sticker renewed.

How do I know if you offer the service where I live or work?

We service you if....

You live or work within our service area (Mona, Liguanea, Barbican, Acadia, Norbrook, Cherry Gardens, New Kingston, Mona, Elleston Flats and communities near to these). We will expand to other areas, as we have capacity, in the future. We confirm your address at checkout.

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How exactly does it work?

We're a a concierge service. We go to the tax office for you so you can avoid the long line. Read more about how we do motor vehicle sticker renewal.

Why do you need my original documents?

Firstly, We Understand Your Concerns!
We understand that there is some discomfort with having to provide original documents for the service. The safety of your documents is important to us.  

Complying with Strict Policies
While we wish the tax office accepted copies (in the case of the fitness and registration), their policy requires original documentation which we cannot circumvent. Be assured we are equally frustrated by this and are as respectful of your documents as we would expect others to be of ours.

Our Proven Track Record
Our customers trust us and we have successfully and safely managed original documents for them since we started in 2022. Our near 5-star reviews highlight how customers trust our services. You can feel confident your documents are in safe hands.

Your Peace of Mind is Our Priority
Even with this information, we know you may still feel concerned. Don't worry, we stay in contact by phone/WhatsApp so that any concerns can be ironed out. We want you to feel comfortable as we manage this necessary process on your behalf. Your peace of mind is our top priority.